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Recent work

MGSCF is an organization founded to support international socio-economic development.  We collaborate with organizations that are working on proactive and long-lasting change rooted in community-led efforts. We spend a lot of time getting to know these organizations, their financial efficiency and their strategies to ensure that we achieve the greatest amount of change possible. Through collaborations we are able to link organizations that have proven track records with other local projects in need of guidance and support. Our grants are complementary to our programs as they are grounded in capacity building and progressive grassroot strategies. All of our efforts are centered around combating social injustice, inadequate education and to support programs of community-led development and self-empowerment.



At MGSCF, we are constantly monitoring our programs and consulting with experts and program participants to ensure we reach our goals. We follow the progress of our grantees and conduct research to identify field-relate needs and gaps in funding. Learn more about our projects and collaborations from the Projects pull down menu.

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